1. Em folia
2. Terrain Vague
3. In Construction 1 - 5 (mirror, diminution, one change, statify, all combinations)

The idea to work in a new piece for a large number of cymbals happened during a residency at the ZKM | Karlsruhe with the percussionist and friend Nuno Aroso.

After using intensively a cymbal in a piece called I-X-Herculean we discussed the expansion of this setup, exploring the unrepeatable sound each cymbal can offer. After a research phase selecting cymbals, I started composing the piece, having in mind a concrete selection of cymbals we had gathered. For the recording session, I had written scores as well as a list of playing technics
and sounds I wanted to work with.

In a very short form, I could say that the first movement is a tribute to pulse; the second one an acclamation of noise; and the third one a celebration of simplicity.

Música para 30 Metais I uses a rhythm writing, which I use to call "almost regular". I'm interested in creating a tension between the expectation and disquiet of the listener. Every small deviation from a perfect and machine regularity becomes a certain kind of written Humanity.

The second movement Terrain Vague deals with all sounds that are not played with sticks, but with a metal screw and a double bass bow. The sonorous imaginary of this piece evokes places in transition, places that are note-yet-something and the ones that used-to-be-something.

In Construction 1- 5 are small pieces that might be played in a different order. Each one of these pieces is constructed using an elementary algorithm that transforms the flow of pitches according to a certain logic: mirror, diminution, one change, statify, all combinations.

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