Commissioned by: Nuno Aroso
Premiere: Centro de Memória, Vila do Conde, Portugal, 11.07.2009, Nuno Aroso

Três Quadros Sobre Pedra was made in March 2008 during an artistic residency at the ZKM Art and Media Center | Karlsruhe.
The piece was built from the idea of working with granite and ceramic plates that had been cut especially for this work by Nuno Aroso. Given these instruments, it was necessary to work prior to the composition: namely, a search for sonorities, rhythms and possible musical structures particularly associated with these instruments. The work of experimentation, recording and listening, the sound synthesis and resynthesis, as well as the seaqrch for the most idiomatic writing became central elements of the whole creative process. From this search, sometimes systematic, sometimes through improvisation, emerged the first sounds and ideas that led to the realization of the piece.
This is a collaborative composition in which the interpreter is not the last element in the creative chain, but is himself part of the creative process.
Três Quadros sobre Pedra
is dedicated to Nuno Aroso.

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